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Ghee: Magical Remedies

Ghee is magical product for treating skin and problems pertaining to digestive tracts. Ghee is being made from omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin A. It can make your hair shiner and skin glowing. Allow us to enlist few remedies for using Ghee to reap its maximum benefits:

1. Remedy for digestion
As per the book, The Complete book of Hair Remedies by Dr Vasant Lad says having one or two teaspoon daily in cup of hot milk during bed time. It’s keeps constipation at bay. Ghee has butyric acid which is a perfect pick in intestinal walls. It improves absorption of food.

2. Incase you are facing clogged nose
Clogged nose is quite annoying. It’s not just sneezing, but the difficulty attached in breathing. Best ways to unclog nose I’d poring warm ghee in nostrils in morning. It will give instant relief and it will travel in throat in soothing the infection. Just warm ghee to lukewarm temperature.

3. Belly Fat can be kept away
Ghee has amino acids in mobilising the fats which leads fat cells to shrink in size. It has presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to lose extra pounds. It will ensure smooth digestion to lose weight. Include ghee for keeping digestion.

4. Remedy in diabetes
If you are diabetic patient, having wheat roti with ghee is a right treat or have it with rice as they are high in glycaemic index food. It will make your food moist and easily digestible.

5. For Skin Remedy
It plays and essential part as a part of beauty routine and will do wonders for dull skin. You can get soft skin easily. You can have a ghee mask, just mix 2 table spoon of ghee and besan with very little Haldi, mix it with water and apply the paste for twenty minutes. Post that, rinse with cold water and apply it two times.

6. Treat for your Hair
It is rich in fatty acids and anti-oxidants which treats dry and frizzy hair. Just mix ghee and olive oil one table spoon in your hair. Let it settle for 20 minutes. Rinse it with shampoo.

7. Remedy in dry lips
This is the most neglected part and it loses its natural pink colour due to sun or smoke. Just warm little ghee and apply it before sleep. Those dry flakes will be vanished and results you can see yourself. In morning you will see soft and supple lips.

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